– The best way to prank your friends

Posted: June 25, 2010 in Cool Internet Stuff
Tags: , – Go Ahead… pick up the phone!.

This site is great. It is a completely free way to prank dial your friends without them knowing it is you. The site is very easy to use. First, you  choose your weapon of choice. There are several options: you can choose from the PrankDialer library (my favorite is the “Drug Dealer” prank), you can upload your own MP3, or you can type your own message and the “awesome computer voice” will read it aloud.

The number will even show “unknown” so there is no chance of being traced back — it’s flawless! Well, except for the ending message that says “you’ve been pranked”. But that only adds to the victim’s curiosity of who would do such a thing?

And finally, the selling point — Prank Dialer will record the phone call so that you may replay it and listen to the victim’s reaction. Hilarious. Yet another reason I love the internet.

Try it for free and prank someone now!! It will be the best five minutes of your day.


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